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Our Happy Trails RV Park


14863 CR 431 – Jim Hogg Road
Tyler, Texas 75706


Violation of any Park Rules & Regulations may result in your immediate removal and being asked to vacate the
Park premises. There will be no refunds. As a service-based business, we do not have a landlord/tenant
agreement with any guest. We are not responsible for any loss due to theft, fire, utility failure, improper
connections, failure to unhook during freezing temperatures, or any uncontrollable acts of nature. By staying in
our park, you agree to the use of your photo, image, or likeness in advertising, social media, and any print
products in association with Our Happy Trails RV Park.
 Registration and payments are due immediately upon arrival.
 No arrivals past 10:00 p.m. Late arrivals must check in by 10:00 a.m. the next morning.
 All RV’s must be fully operational, well-kept, and in good condition. RVs 10 years or older must be
approved by park manager.
 Park quiet time is between 10 pm and 7am. No generators or excessive noise will be tolerated.
 Shower, rest room, and laundry is provided for your convenience. Please clean up after yourself.
 Please conserve water. No above ground pools or vehicle or RV washing is permitted.
 No trash cans or bags are allowed outside the RV. A dumpster is provided for your use. All trash must be
bagged, household trash only. No oversized objects on hazardous waste. Break down cardboard boxes.
 No permanent structures allowed without prior management approval. This includes, but is not limited to,
sheds, clotheslines, fencing, decks, dog kennels/runs, pens, freezers/refrigerators, coolers, or furniture.
 No tent camping
 No open campfires
 No mats, rugs, etc. are allowed on the grass.
 No solicitation signs, political signs, flags, or signs for the sale of products/services allowed.
 We operate with a septic system. No grease, sanitary products, flushable wipes, food products in sewer.
 U.S. Mail may not be received at the park. You are responsible for obtaining a P.O box or other means of
receiving mail.
 Speed limit in the park is 5 mph. Violators may be asked to leave.
 Proof of liability insurance is required upon check in.
 Only 2 vehicles allowed per site. Park your vehicles only in the assigned sites.
 All guests must have a valid driver’s license to operate any motorized vehicle on the property.
 No parking on the street or the grass.
 No repairs of any vehicle or RV on park property. Unauthorized or abandoned vehicles will be towed at
owner’s expense.
 No motorized scooters, ATVs, minibikes, or other unlicensed motorized vehicles are allowed.
 Park guest are solely responsible for their Visitor(s) conduct and actions. Visitors must comply with all Park
Rules & Regulations.
 You are solely responsible for the safety and conduct of your children and visitors.
 All children under the age of 14 must have adult supervision in all common areas.

 Pets must be registered at the office upon check-in. Wildlife/Farm animals are not considered pets and are
not allowed.
 Management reserves the right to refuse any pet based on breed or behavior.
 Pets must be kept on a leash and may not be left outside unattended.
 Proof of current pet vaccinations is required upon check in.
 Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste immediately….ANYWHERE on park property.
 Pet owners assume financial responsibility for any damages or injuries to person(s) or property.
 Pet owners further agree to hold Our HappyTrails RV Park, its owners and management, blameless for any
accident or injury caused by your pet.
 Smoking is prohibited in all Park buildings.
 Dispose of smoking materials in proper receptacles. Do not throw them on the ground including your site.
 Absolutely no discharge of firearms, or fireworks allowed.
 All weapons shall be kept in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.
 No alcohol is permitted in the common areas.
 No criminal or drug related activity on Park property will be tolerated.
INDEMNITY AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: All customers, residents and guests shall indemnify and hold
Owner(s), Management and/or employees and representatives of Our Happy Trails RV Park harmless from
and against ANY and ALL claims, demands, costs and expenses, including all attorney and legal fees arising
from any and all damages or injuries to property or person caused by theft, fire, water, rain, wind, civil strife,
acts of God or nature, Owner, Management or customer actions or inactions (or those of their employees,
agents, or invitees) or any other occurrence related to Customer(s) use or Occupation of the RV site or Our
Happy Trails RV Park property.


According to Texas Penal Code Section 31.04(b), any guest who leaves without paying for site services or who
refuses to pay for site services when due is subject to criminal prosecution. We are providing service hook-ups
for your RV. We require full payment in advance and will prosecute any violations under the “Theft of Services


As a customer of Our Happy Trails RV Park, I fully understand and accept these rules and any other attached
Park rules. I also agree to vacate the premises at the request of management if I violate these rules and
regulations, without refund of any prepaid fees. This agreement does not constitute a landlord/tenant
agreement. Payment for site and services is entirely for services rendered under a Host/Guest Arrangement.
You further agree the Our Happy Trails RV Park and its owners have the right to seize, sell, and/or
dispose of ANY property including but not limited to Travel Trailer, Automobile or any other property
left or abandoned on premises of Our Happy Trails RV Park.

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